In fall of last year I had my first experience with Dynamic fireworks, or their display fireworks better to say. One of my long-time friends hired them to do a fireworks show at his wedding and told me about it beforehand, as we were pretty close. I have to admit, while at first I wasn’t a big fan of the whole fireworks at a wedding idea, the show really impressed me. Almost all of the people I spoke to about visiting the wedding afterwards mentioned the fireworks and most seemed to have been surprised as well as impressed by the show. I didn’t think twice about the whole thing until earlier this year, when one of our front offices relocated. We thought we might as well use the relocation for promotional purposes, so we organized a grand opening of our new front office in March. I suddenly remembered the show at my buddy’s wedding and informed about the company he worked with. He told me that Dynamic Fireworks was a pleasure to work with, and they had a lot of different options when it came to display fireworks.

Pleasure to work with these guys when it comes to display fireworks

Secretly being pretty excited by the idea of accompanying the opening with display fireworks, I already had a couple of things in mind like lighting up the logo in front of the building for the evening, and I wanted to know the possibilities. When I contacted Dynamic Fireworks and explained the situation they gave me a lot of recommendations for the logo idea, as well as some shows they could perform at the end of the event. I ended up being on the phone with him for quite some time and decided to do business with them. The amount of detail they went into to make sure every part of the display fireworks were to our taste was amazing. Most companies could learn a thing or two from Dynamic Fireworks when it comes to customer service. We kept in contact over the next few weeks to work out all of the details as we were a bit overwhelmed by the amount of customization options and I needed some input from co-workers. They made everything that we wanted happen for us exactly the way we desired. We got to pick our own music to accompany the show at the end, which was a big deal to my employer. We also got to decide on the overall brightness, colours and shapes that would be used. All in all we got to fine-tune all of the components of the show to our liking, which was great.

Thank you for your amazing work!

We’re a decently sized company so with the opening of a front office I’m sure our guests were expecting at least something remotely spectacular. However, I’m sure we exceeded everyone’s expectations with the display fireworks at the end of the night. These guys delivered amazing work. Their display fireworks are truly something else. I was highly involved with the planning of the whole event, so I knew what we could expect, but I was still amazed by how good all of the visuals looked. It was my second display fireworks show by this company and it exceeded my expectations again. They really made this opening a spectacular one and I’m sure many of us will remember it for a long time. A big thank you to them, and I would recommend them to anyone planning an event and considering a fireworks display.

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